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Public Service Awards

When you become a Safer Supporter, you are making a statement that a Safer Dallas is a Better Dallas for us all.

Over the past decade, Safer Dallas Better Dallas and The Rotary Club of Dallas have presented awards recognizing distinguished service by a Dallas Police Officer and outstanding public safety leadership on the part of a citizen. The list below represents the outstanding individuals who have been honored.

Dallas Police Department Distinguished Service Award

2009               Deputy Chief Julian Bernal

2010                Asst. Chief Vincent Golbeck

2011                 Asst. Chief Tom Lawrence

2012                Deputy Chief Scott Walton

2013                Deputy Chief Christina Smith

2014                Assistant Chief Michael Genovesi

2015                Police Officer Bervin Smith

2016                Lieutenant Sally Lannom     

2017                Executive Assistant Chief David Pughes

2018                Neighborhood Police Officer Mark Lutz

2019                Lt. Leroy Quigg

2020               Assistant Chief Jesse Reyes



Dallas Public Safety Leader Award

2007               Ruth Sharp Altshuler

2008               Pete Schenkel

2009               Honorable Dr. Elba Garcia

2010               Jody Grant and Courtney Underwood

2011                Minnie and Bill Caruth

2012               Walt Humann

2013               Craig Hutton

2014               Spencer Michlin

2015               Edna Pemberton

2016               Reid Porter and ACT (Advocates for Community Transformation)

2017               Daron Babcock and Bonton Farms

2018               Mitchell Glieber, State Fair of Texas

2019               John Forest (Citizen Award) Motorola Solutions (Corporate Award)

2020              Matthew Randazzo

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